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houses and rooms are full of perfumes

I am in love with it.

If you are...

♪ a writer
♪ a flautist
♪ a lover
♪ a dreamer
♪ afraid of caraway seeds
♪ a Glee fan
♪ the kind of person who stubs their toes whilst putting on shoes
♪ inventive with punctuation (without being officious)

...then I would love to know you. ♥

(Eep, you know, I'm just trying to be cute. I would love to know you regardless of how much you suck at putting on shoes. Not that we wouldn't get on great if you're as clumsy as I am. Yes--coordination is a compatibility issue.)
alexei nikolaevich, artie/kurt, avoiding bubblegum vodka martinis, beethoven, being awkward, cats, chinese take-out, choirboys, eating, egon schiele, even numbers, fallout 3, florence, geico mascots, glee, graffiti, hating on facebook, horrible/inventive eye makeup, improvement, jenna ushkowitz's fashion sense, maintaining 2000 online identities, muteness, painting, puck/kurt, punctuation, reading, singing off-key ballads, slash, tetris, writing