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I've never had one of these before! ♥ All fic indexes have long-winded introductory headers...right? Right? Thanks for looking!

This is an index.

This was the first fic I began writing and there's a very good reason I've marooned it alone on Fanfiction.net, so if we could pretend it doesn't exist, that would really rock.

Everything That Counts: WIP, eventual Puck/Kurt. Kurt Hummel has plenty of great friends, but after he is attacked, he finds the most comfort in the arms of someone unexpected. Rape warning, (R)

I was comfortable enough to post these fics in communities! That's gotta mean something!

Don’t Make it Bad: Puck and Kurt say hello. Car accident, language. (R)

Streetlight People: A decade after joining New Directions, Puck gets slapped in the face by his past. Literally. WIP future!fic, eventual (NC-17)
Part one.Part two.Part three 1/2.Part three 2/2.

Why "Part three 2/2" isn't just "Part four" is beyond me, but it feels right this way.

Various hasty "oh-god-don't-judge-me-for-this" meme fics with unofficial titles. These were hella fun to write.

Just the good old boys, never meanin' no harm: Artie/Kurt kink meme prompt. “After 'Dancing with Myself', Kurt proves to Artie he's not alone.”

Who’s making the crepe-paper roses?: Filthy, awkward Puck/Kurt kink meme porn that I never expected to unanon for. Someday I'll re-post an edited version of this, I swear. “Puck/Kurt, with the rest of the Glee club secretly watching (either because they can't leave without announcing their presence, or because they just can't stop watching, or both).” (NC-17)

The kid in the middle goes both ways: Burt and Kurt and hurt and comfurt from the fluff meme. “Little!Kurt being his regular, fabulous self and Burt getting all Papa Bear on some parents who are less than kind about it.”
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Streetlight People Ch. 3, part 1/2

Title: Streetlight People
Author: jockchic
Characters/Pairings: Puck/Kurt, Finn/Quinn, hints of Santana/Brittany
Rating/warnings: NC-17 for sex, drinking, language, hooker!Kurt, and minor character death. This is a future fic based on the Ten Year Gleeunion trope.
Disclaimer: None of it’s mine.
Word count: 12000 for this chapter (wtf), pushing 30000 collectively.
Summary: A decade after joining New Directions, Puck gets slapped in the face by his past. Literally.
AN: I had to break this part into two halves, because it was all supposed to be one chapter, but it was way longer than I thought it was. Sorry for the inconvenience! The reunion/ending will be its own chapter. Thank you for reading!

Part one.
Part two.

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Part three, 2/2
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Glee Big Bang

This year, I signed up for the gleebigbang, and was lucky enough to get a chance to correspond with the talented and inspiring reetinkerbell! Ree was such a joy to work with. My art doesn't do her writing justice, but I gave it a shot, and will definitely come back to do some edits on the hands and the background. Until then, please enjoy the fic! Thanks to everyone who took part in this project. It was a blast!

Note: this image contains spoilers for the fic. Please read the story first!

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I need this tie.

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